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Acer - Power adapter - 45 Watt - for Aspire V3; Aspire R 13; Aspire Switch 12; Aspire V 13; TravelMate P236

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  • Warranty:12 Months


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Main Specifications

Product Description Acer - power adapter - 45 Watt
Device Type Power adapter - external
Power Capacity 45 Watt
Designed For Aspire V3; Aspire R 13; Aspire Switch 12; Aspire V 13; TravelMate P236

  • Extended Specifications

  • Compatibility Information
    Designed For Acer Aspire V3-331-P3FY, V3-331-P62X, V3-331-P7QG, V3-331-P99K, V3-331-P99T, V3-331-P9SD
    Acer Aspire R 13 R7-371T-5001, R7-371T-51RS, R7-371T-51WW, R7-371T-53D9, R7-371T-55N2, R7-371T-55Z8, R7-371T-56Z7, R7-371T-57P3, R7-371T-58HS, R7-371T-5994, R7-371T-59GR, R7-371T-71WA, R7-371T-72D5, R7-371T-72L7, R7-371T-74FD
    Acer Aspire Switch 12 SW5-271-60A9, SW5-271-61NV, SW5-271-62X3, SW5-271-62XA, SW5-271-63QK, SW5-271-640N, SW5-271-64U6, SW5-271-64V2, SW5-271-65N8, SW5-271-66M9, SW5-271-698U, SW5-271-69HG
    Acer Aspire V 13 V3-371-301V, V3-371-30GK, V3-371-30NT, V3-371-31PK, V3-371-31PZ, V3-371-321S, V3-371-32Q4, V3-371-332G, V3-371-3355, V3-371-33B3, V3-371-33UU, V3-371-33ZG, V3-371-350L, V3-371-356D, V3-371-36A4, V3-371-36H6, V3-371-36NX, V3-371-373S, V3-371-377U, V3-371-37BF, V3-371-37GP, V3-371-3879, V3-371-38FJ, V3-371-395B, V3-371-39C5, V3-371-39K8, V3-371-39RV, V3-371-39T5, V3-371-39X4, V3-371-39YF, V3-371-50BA, V3-371-50BT, V3-371-50C5, V3-371-50U3, V3-371-51HU, V3-371-51L5, V3-371-51MF, V3-371-51PP, V3-371-51WX, V3-371-51X8, V3-371-52GP, V3-371-52QB, V3-371-52SK, V3-371-52TY, V3-371-530G, V3-371-53EH, V3-371-53FQ, V3-371-53G7, V3-371-53K2, V3-371-53M3, V3-371-53S4, V3-371-53ZX, V3-371-5412, V3-371-5488, V3-371-54JX, V3-371-54Q7, V3-371-54SU, V3-371-54UB, V3-371-55NC, V3-371-561A, V3-371-562H, V3-371-565X, V3-371-56EZ, V3-371-56PA, V3-371-56PJ, V3-371-56VE, V3-371-575D, V3-371-5776, V3-371-57JZ, V3-371-57LE, V3-371-57NQ, V3-371-57UV, V3-371-580X, V3-371-589T, V3-371-58FS, V3-371-58NY, V3-371-58U4, V3-371-5934, V3-371-59AR, V3-371-59VB, V3-371-59Y8, V3-371-59ZZ, V3-371-705S, V3-371-719V, V3-371-71YT, V3-371-734Z, V3-371-7366, V3-371-73H2, V3-371-74YE, V3-371-75UN, V3-371-765L, V3-371-76M8, V3-371-77J3, V3-371-79MF, V3-371-79XR
    Acer TravelMate P236-M-35ZY, P236-M-398D, P236-M-39XE, P236-M-5006, P236-M-51VP, P236-M-522Q, P236-M-529K, P236-M-53TM, P236-M-55NA, P236-M-56A8, P236-M-587T, P236-M-58EL, P236-M-59T1
    Device Type Power adapter - external
    Power Device
    Power Capacity 45 Watt